Steven Menezes is a consulting Vedic astrologer with over 25 years of experience. He was born and spent his early years in Barkur located in the state of Karnataka in Southern India. Barkur was the ancient capital of the Tulunadu dynasty, the vibrant place that is known to have enjoyed the reputation of having over 365 temples and home for Vedic studies and Vedanta since 345 AD.

He is specialized in Prashna Jyotish, a celebrated branch of astrology that combines multiple complex branches of Jyotish. He is member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. He has authored many articles on Vedic astrology.

He is available for personal consultations and for online services as well. He travels throughout India and abroad.

Jyotish, the Vedic astrology

Jyotish literally means the science of light, mentioned in the Vedas, is called Vedic astrology, one of the ancient forms of astrology known as Indian traditional Hindu astrology. In the Vedangas, Jyotish is placed in one of the six auxiliary streams as the ‘eyes’ of the Vedas. Brihmarishi Mayan was credited with a doctrine of astronomy titled Surya Siddhantha that was of great significance in tracking the movement of the Sun, Moon and other planets. This was repeatedly revised by well known mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers like Varahamihira and Aryabhata.
Jyotish comprises of six dynamic branches namely, astronomy (gola), mathematics (ganitha), natal chart (jataka), horary (prashna), electional (muhurtha) and omens (nimitta). It is based on fruits of Karma (resultant cycle of cause and effect) through Vedic philosophy that is reflected collectively through its vibrant arms. The charts reveal the past, present and future of every living creature. Vedic astrology is one of the time-tested tools to identify, foresee, seek relief and apprehend the misery.

Prashna Jyotish, a dynamic branch of Vedic astrology

Prashna Jyotish is a celebrated and most complex dynamic branch of Jyotish, is ritualistic and employs a set of techniques at the in assessment and interpretational levels. Prashna or horary, exclusively deals with questions on any subject based on the chart erected at the time of query, supported by various omens during consultation and pronouncement, directional indices of querent, flame of the lamp, breath of the astrologer and other numerous factors contribute in unfolding minutest details in assessment and suggestion of remedies. Prashna method or horary astrology is often employed after finding vulnerability to miseries in the natal chart, and to micro assess, and also often engaged directly on query. This system combines the other complex branches of astrology of observations of omens, panchanga (Hindu astrological almanac) with a specially created fixed zodiac or a momentary chart at query for the client, by super imposing it on the actual moving zodiac. This branch of astrology works on the principles of predictive natal astrology, though the applications at the interpretations vary greatly, reach and identify beyond the common means and assess through the state, positions and dignity of planets by their assumed forms that relate to divine, semi-divine, demonic or evil forces and influences.


Natal Birth chart interpretation and reading

The birth chart with other harmonic charts to foresee general aspects are being considered in this reading. This reading mainly covers health, family, comforts, issues related to children, marriage, career, gains and spiritual and philosophical outlook of the person. This reading highlights the concerns the querent of the present time. This reports identifies all the Yogas, Planets transitory influences, Manglik, Kalasarpa, paternal and maternal lineage curses.

Manglik Dosha report

Jyotish identifies and offers remedies for certain dispositions of planet Mars (mangal or kuja) at the time of birth of an individual as Manglik or Kuja dosh that is known to cause much marital discords and regarded as unfavourable for marriages, most often found to have caused broken marriages.

Shani or Saturn transit report (sade-sati, Panchama and Ashtama)

Transits of Saturn or Shani through various houses are called Sade Sati, Panchama, Ashtama, Dhaiya and Laghu Kalyani. Saturn is a most important reference in a birth chart for the karmic matters. It corrects the individual by disciplining through various trials, tribulations, challenges and even curtails the life force. Effects of these transits are to be assessed by learned astrologers by analyzing multiple charts to interpret the major changes. These specific transits deliver life changing events at most unexpected times.

Kala sarpa yog report

As a rule when all the 7 planets are placed between the planets Rahu and Ketu (invisible north and south nodes of moon) then this yoga is formed, though there are other identifiers that cause this yoga. This yoga is primarily relate to the 12 divine nagas (serpent deities) and encoded with much of karmic traits, tends to mark an individual into the books of history or cause devastation depending upon the natal planetary configuration.

Identification of paternal and maternal lineage curses

Prolonged sufferings of an individual or the a family that bypasses the limitations of sufferings marked for specific periods often found to have their origin in the paternal and maternal lineage curses that have been ascribed over the generations. Jyotish ascertains this cause and suggests remedial measures.

Questions on higher education

Opting for higher professional or specialized studies often a matter of utter confusion for the individual due to perplexities prevailing through multiple advisory sources, be it parents, friends, teachers or well wishers. Jyotish uses multiple applications to assess the native’s orientation from the psychological profile, and to match and relate the dominant career linked planet in the birth chart, thus combining both factors for effective career prospects.

Gem stone prescription

Gemstones have been prescribed by the ancient astrologers as a balancing tool to ward off the negative vibrations that affect the wearer. This remedial measure is used for a short term, for a specific passage of time or for life long. Astrologers use the prescription using different schools of thought either by suggesting relevant gem for the weak planets in the natal chart or to enhance the power of the stronger ones. Ancient seers have cautioned astrologers to be cautious in this prescription as these deals with good luck, prosperity, success, ignorance, grief, anxiety, sickness, death, loss of wealth and evil deeds. Jyotish uses 9 primary gems to relate to 9 planets.

Child naming with psychological profile

Occupation of moon in a particular zodiac sign or Rasi , in one of the 27 relative asterisms, the lunar mansions called ‘Nakshatra’ at the time of birth is prime reference index associated with most of the Hindu rituals. That begins with the choosing a suitable name for the new born in line with the Jyotish guidelines. Moon represents human mind in Jyotish and its natal position reveals the human curve of mind that decodes physical, sexual, karmic and spiritual levels of an individual. This position reveals the desire of soul with karmic restrictions that specifically help the astrologer in understanding the design of psychological profile.

Guidance on political and corporate issues

Individuals associated with any activity that requires them to stay afloat at the top have always been troubled or constantly been flattened by those who are in the same line of activity. Jyotish offers remedies to fortify their positions and to suppress machinations of their enemies or competitors.

Business partnership prospects analysis

Commercial partnership comprises of multiple individuals and works on synergy and it is bound to affect the fortune of the entity during its progressive state. The growth of an enterprise greatly varies as per the planetary vibrations of individual partners of the entity that keeps altering or modifying the levels of synergy. A comprehensive study of natal charts of all partners of the commercial venture is a great roadmap to the success.

Political profile (individual) and fortification techniques

Generally a political personality is highly protected by the strongest planetary vibrations, though susceptible to the constant highly malicious machinations of the enemies aimed to bring utter failure and devastation of the target with life threatening situations. Jyotish, in its unique specialized branch indentifies such susceptibility with fortifying tools.

Questions on life threatening issues: classification of questions

Generally most of the questions can be answered by a regular reading of birth chart, hence the scheduling an appointment for Prashna Jyotish method preferably be necessitated when the regular predictions have been contrasted and the querent moves in the into greater degree of troubles that include heightened financial problems, familial and societal isolation, marital, blockages of all sorts, litigation, medical emergencies, loss of position, prolonged state of unemployment and series of failures in all undertakings.
Questions on life threatening issues: the insight of the Prashna astrologer
Questions on life threatening issues: Misery causing agents


Astrologers use various types of remedies based on the observations made in the birth chart or combined with the Prashna chart. Some of the problems get resolved without any prescriptions as the problems fade away with time. Some require gemstones, while others need to be resolved through visiting particular temples, by worshipping deities, and through offerings. In some rare cases, havan’s and yagna’s (offerings into a consecrated fire) are to be performed and backed by the yantras (talisman) for protection.

Gem stones

Prescription of gemstones is the most convenient way of remedy for the astrologer and the client. Ruby, pearl, yellow sapphire, hessonite, emerald, diamond, cats eye, blue sapphire and red coral are the primary gems recognized by the astrologers in Jyotish to enhance the vibratory planetary effects of an individual.


Mantra’s are the sacred utterances in Sankrit found in the Rig and Yajur Vedas with the highest level of divinity with rituals. These have spiritual and psychological orientation, employed to cause specific vibratory influence to harmonize with planets to enhance protection. Mantras are prescribed as a remedial measure to an individual when he/she is prepared to get a deeksha – a process of consecration from a spiritual teacher and a vow to take on a serious discipline.

Worship of deities and Temples and offerings

Every place of worship or temple has powerful invisible vibratory grid that positively affects the visitor in overcoming the negative energies that surround. Individuals are influenced by different planetary vibrations at different times of their lives, and also get constantly pressed by negative forces. Jyotish has methods of identifying the specific periods and specific places of worship to enhance and heighten then protective layers.

Homa,Havan or Yagna

Homa, Havan or Yagna is performed by Brahmins (custodians of Dharma through self- abnegation, priests of fire), through consecration of sacrificial fire in a homa kunda (fire alter) to invoke one or multiple divine forces in the form of offerings and pleasing the divinity. Chanting of mantras is based on the practices of ancient sages. There are many types of Havan’s ranging from the purpose to celebrate auspicious events, naming a child, success in undertaking, house warming, purification, for wealth, to overcome obstacles, for prosperity and good health etc., However, there are a few specialized havans that are prescribed to deal with the life threatening situations that are performed by highly skilled and ranked Brahmins with esoteric knowledge.