Textile & Rural Welfare Of Labour

 Textile Segment

He took keen interest in the pains and sufferings of the labour force in the apparel manufacturing industry, mainly in the state of Tamil Nadu. He contributed much to the uplifting of working standards. He has been associated with the textiles industry over a long period of time for the mass production of consumer and technical textiles which is one of the main sectors in India that generates mass employment opportunities. He has also immensely contributed for the upgradation of large sized private textiles mills into fully modernized units without any cut in the labour force.

In 2008, he contributed significantly to the privately held large sized textiles mill sector, especially to those units engaged in exports when the western buying powers shifted their purchases to other countries such as China, Turkey, Egypt etc., and the subsequent economic failure in the western countries during the year 2009. The change caused major decline in manufacturing activities due to low buying pattern, thus causing a serious imbalance in resources in the textiles mill sector. His timely intervention and representation to the Union Ministry Of Finance for the successful financial relief and debt restructuring processes had helped the ailing textiles mills and prevented a large scale of job loss.

Rural Welfare

Recognizing the importance of training young talent in rural areas in southern India with potent handicraft and technical skills, he had successfully coordinated between the rural talent, technical educational institutes and the Union Ministry of Textiles for awarding of various grants for the training program for development of skills.