Spiritual Orientation

Having born in Barkur, the vibrant place that is known to have enjoyed the reputation of having over 365 Hindu temples and also ancient capital of Vijayanagara dynasty.  The region had rich Hindu tradition, practice and culture that offered a great opportunity to be inclined towards Veda’s and Vendangas.  He spent considerable time in younger days in trying to understand various facets of Hinduism and greatly inspired by the ‘Jyotish’ or Hindu astrology. In the Vedangas, Jyotish is placed in one of the six auxiliary streams and termed as the ‘eyes of the Vedas’.  He began exploring Jyotish at the age of 13, since then he had studied many classics through learned teachers in Southern Kerala. 

He has authored many articles on astrology and was associated with ASTROSPEAK, a premier astrological solution provider and subsidiary of the Times Group, with its flagship company Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL), India’s largest media conglomerate. He was awarded a doctorate for a dissertation in Prashna astrology on ‘Arudha’ dependent research.  He has been awarded gold medal for outstanding contribution in the field of astrology science in 2018.  He is an associate of Indian Council of Astrological Science.